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Welcome to Equus-Sims (hereafter "ES", "Equus", "the game", "the website", "us", "we"). Equus-Sims is an online service for use alongside The Sims 3 (Electronic Arts), in order to enhance gameplay. Equus-Sims is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts or its Licensors. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. and its Licensors. By continuing to browse this website and by creating an account you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by all of the terms and conditions laid out below. The following terms, along with the below privacy policy will govern the relationship between you and us. If you should disagree with any term below, or any part of the website's privacy policy, please cease to use the website.

Privacy Policy

The privacy of Equus-Sims members is of the utmost importance to the website. The following privacy policy outlines how we use any personal information we collect from you. Please read the privacy policy before submitting any personal information.

Collection of Information:
We collect personally identifiable information, such as usernames, email addresses, etc. We collect this information only when provided voluntarily. The information will be used within the purpose of the game. This information will be held within our database and not given out to any third party. Additionally, email address you provide to us may, from time to time, be subjected to mass emails informing you of important updates to the game and any exciting changes we implement. All of the information we collect will be stored on our servers which are located in North America.

Cookies/Tracking Technology:
The website may use cookie and tracking technology in order to collect information from visitors. Cookie and tracking technnology is useful to gather information such as browser type and operating system, tracking the number of visitors to the website and understanding how visitors use the website. Additionaly, cookies are used to keep members logged into the website. Please note: Personal information cannot be collected through cookies or other tracking technologies employed by us.

Distribution of Information:
We may be required to share information with governmental agencies or other companies assisting us or the government with any investigation. We may do so when: (1) permitted or required to to do by law; or, (2) trying to protect against or prevent fraud or anything which puts a member in danger; or, (3) investigating fraud or an event in which a member was put in danger which has already taken place. Your information will not be passed on to any third party companies for marketing purposes or for the purposes not outlined above.

Commitment to Data Security:
Your personally identifiable information is kept secure within a password protected database. Only the owner and authorized members of the owner's staff team (who have agreed to keep information secure and confidential) will have access to the database.

Accounts and Registering

By registering for an account to use and play the game you are hence agreeing with these terms and conditions. You will also be asked to accept the terms upon registering an account.

The minimum age for registering an account is thirteen (13) years old. Equus-Sims has been designed for members who are over the age of thirteen (13) years old. Members are required to be at least thirteen (13) years old to register an account to the website or play the game. The website requires the date of birth to be stated upon registering an account and anyone younger than thirteen (13) will not be accepted to join. Anyone under the minimum age for joining, but who lies about their age may be subjected to inappropriate content. This is beyond the owner's control and the owner accepts no liability. The owner will attempt to ensure that Equus-Sims's content is suitable for anyone over the age of thirteen (13). Accounts belonging to anyone under the minimum age for joining will be deleted.

Once registered, it is each individual's responsibility to ensure that all of their contact information (email address) is up to date. Accounts linked to invalid or outdated email addresses will be deleted. All registered accounts will require for their email address to be validated before they can be used.

The sharing of a single account by two or more members ("Account Sharing") is not prohibited. Account sharing, however, is not recommended. If you choose to share your username or password with another member, Equus-Sims cannot be held responsible for any consequences that may come of this, such as loss of Game Items (for example, horses) or Game Money.

Any content posted by you or any other member can be removed at any time by the owner or a member of the owner's staff team if the content is deemed inappropriate or if the content causes offence. This will be done without warning.

You are entitled to close your account at any time. If you decide to permanently delete your Equus-Sims account, please contact the adimistrator directly.


We strive to keep Equus-Sims safe for all users above the minimum age for joining. However, we cannot assure that all content posted by members will be harmess to all other members. Any information that is deemed inappropriate will be immediately removed and the member responsible will face punishment.

Punishment will be issued when the game's rules or terms of service have been broken. Punishment may involve: (1) A warning from the owner or a member of the owner's staff team, issued via the private messaging system on the forum; or, (2) Revoking of game privilages and account privilages; or, (3) A temporary ban on the account in question; or, (4) A temporary ban on the IP Address in question; or, (5) In extreme cases, a permanent ban on the IP address in question and the deletion of the account. Staff may issue punishments as and when they see fit, in accordance with these rules. Staff may issue bans to any member who they believe (with proof and good reason) is intending, or planning, to break any of the terms laid out; This proof includes any activity by the offending member which clearly shows that they have intent to break any of these terms, and this proof may include activity by the offending member on any other website or chat. Staff must present the owner with all proof of their reasons for issuing punishment to any member. All decisions made by the staff team are to be accepted. Members who feel they have been un-justly punished may contact the owner directly and the owner's decisions will be final.

Equus-Sims requires members to agree to the following:
Members agree not to use any other member's intellectual property without expressed permission from the owner of the intellectual property.
Members agree not to discuss or engage in any unlawful or misleading activity on Equus-Sims or use Equus-Sims to do anything unlawful or misleading.
Members agree to respect other members and not to ask for any personally identifiable information, including the login details, of another member.
Members agree not to harass, bully or intimidate any other member or post any content or material that is hurtful, threatening, pornographic, mature or otherwise.
Members agree not to encourage any other member to break any term within these terms and conditions or to break any of the rules.

Posting Content

Equus-Sims allows various places (such as the forum or user pages) where you may post your own content. By posting content you are agreeing that you have permissions to post the content. Ideally, members should only post content that is their own intellectual property.

By posting your intellectual property to Equus-Sims you acknowledge that any content posted is available to all other members and that Equus-Sims has no control over what other members may do with your intellectual property.

Any internal or external use of any other member's intellectual property without expressed permission from the owner will result in a punishment upon the offending member.


Equus-Sims is an online, equestrian community. All members should be aware that Equus-Sims is fictional. Equus-Sims Dollars and any other currencies, horses and items within the game are all fictional or are characters within The Sims 3.

Donations and Transactions

From time to time Equus-Sims may ask for donations from its members. Donations are vital in order to keep up with the cost of running Equus-Sims. These donations are completely optional and no member is forced to donate unless they make their own decision to do so.

All payments sent to us through PayPal are non-refundable. Equus-Sims will not grant refunds for any purpose. Please be sure you are certain you wish to donate before sending any money to us through PayPal.


Equus-Sims retains the right to amend the terms and conditions and privacy policy above. Equus-Sims does not require to give members any notice before amending these terms, and all changes will be effective immediately.

Equus-Sims is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts or its Licensors. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. and its Licensors.
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