Ah, yes, Rules. Like all communities, Equus-Sims has its own rubric for our members to follow. While we are all here to have fun, it's important to be all of us to be responsible and play our part as a part of this community. Please be sure to read the following carefully before joining.


  1. Introduction
  2. Preliminaries
  3. Accounts & Registration
  4. The Forum
  5. Membership
  6. Banking
  7. Equine Ownership & Breeding
  8. Sales
  9. Boarding & Leasing


Equus-Sims, in its essence, is a role-playing site that revolves around The Sims 3 and is highly contingent on community features and interactions, such as the showing, selling/buying, and breeding of horses. In order to participate in our role-play, you must have a copy of The Sims 3 and its expansion, The Sims 3 Pets.


1. Participants must be thirteen (13) and older to join, as required by the ESRB rating for The Sims 3, which contains sexual themes, crude humor, and violence. Access to online content is unrated and may be questionable for those younger than thirteen.

2. All players should be courteous and respectful within the community. Do not post spam, rude or hurtful comments, threats, profanity and other perversions in c-boxes, comment fields, or at our forum.

3. All players are expected to follow the rules mentioned here and at the forum. These rules are implemented for member privacy, safety, and comfort within the community. Failure to follow rules may result in a ban or deletion of your account without warning.


Only one account is allowed per person (or per IP address). Any account found to share multiple IP addresses will be removed. Creating accounts for failure to retrieve passwords, circumvent bans, harass, or spam will result in a permanent ban. The only exception is if you live with or share a computer with someone who also has an ES account. You need to immediately email an administrator and let us know, or else your account(s) may be deleted, banned, or both.

1. Login names, or usernames, can be anything you wish. First and Last names may be fictional, but are required for account creation and approval.

2. The minimum age for registering an account is thirteen (13) years old. If it is found that the birth date input at the time of registration is fabricated, accounts belonging to anyone under the minimum age for joining will be deleted.

3. You should provide up to 3 traits for your account profile. It is encouraged that you use traits from The Sims 3.

4. Please provide us with your country of origin for your account profile. This is a reference for language and members who wish to connect with others who are from the same country.

5. By registering for an account with Equus-Sims, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions above. You will also be asked to accept the terms upon registering an account.

6. Your account has to be approved by a staff member before you can participate on the site or at our forum. This is to ensure that all of your information is valid and that everything is in place regarding your account. If your application was declined, don't worry, an email will be sent to you explaining ways you could improve your joining application. We won't deny you unless we have a good reason!

7. Once registered, it is the responsibility of the member to ensure that all of their information (email address, stable site URL, etc) is up to date. Accounts linked to invalid or outdated email addresses may be closed or deleted. All registered accounts will require for their email address to be validated before they can be used.

8. In order to fully participate in Equus-sims, you must have an approved main site account and an approved forum account. Once both accounts are approved, you may register horses, compete them, and sell them to your friends!

9. Any content posted by you or another member can be removed at any time by the owner or a staff team member if the content is deemed inappropriate or offensive.

10. You are entitled to close your account at any time. Keep in mind that your profile information will remain visible to active members. Your contact information will no longer be available.


Once your account has been approved here on the main site, you can head on over to our forum and set up an account there. In order to keep the forum friendly and personal, please make your username the same FIRST and LAST name you used here on the main site. Just keep in mind that other people may have the same name as you. Usernames such as HorseGal34 are not allowed. The only acceptable username format is John Doe.

1. Should you choose to have an avatar, it must be a vector style logo or image from in-game. Avatars are set to 150px wide by 200px high, no exceptions. If your avatar or signature was removed, it is likely because it didn't fit this criteria.

2. The rules and code of conduct listed on this page apply to our forum as well. Staff members will not hesitate to remove offensive material, or to take action against members who do not comply with our rules.

3. Some topics are not to be discussed on the Equus-Sims forum. Topics that are not allowed include religious views, political views, or topics involving sexual nature and sexual preferences. Feel free to discuss current affairs in a mature and unbiased way, but please do not force any extreme views on others.

4. It is unacceptable to advertise for external donations that are not considered equine-related charity.

5. English is our primary language here at Equus-Sims. No topics may be created for specific nationalities (i.e., "Swedish Members" thread). If you are participating in a role-play and your character is foreign, you must provide an English translation for their dialogue(s).

6. Please type in a literate and coherent way. This means you should not type in "text speak", but should use spelling and grammar to the best of your ability. Abbreviations such as "lol" and "rofl", etc are permitted. Staff members will remove incoherent/unreadable threads.

7. Please do not "flood" boards or topics. "Flooding" is posting the same (or similar) things multiple times. This can be annoying to people trying to talk to one another. Same goes for "bumping" your threads: don't do it.

8. Please remember that the forum has many members and is a community comprised of people from all over the world. While we encourage you to make friends and be active, all members should refrain from posting private information such as your address, financial information, phone number, etc.

9. Bullying, harassment, mean or hateful criticism, and threats are strictly forbidden anywhere at Equus-Sims. Members should not hesitate to report these actions to an administrator or a staff member, as we will not hesitate to remove any material of this nature and take action against the offender.

10. If your topic or reply was removed, it is because it broke one of the above rules, or the rules stated on the forum in the Bulletin Board. Topics/replies may often be deleted without warning!


Okay! So, you've been approved on the main site and the forum, what's next?

1. Let's customize how you see the main site! This can be done by navigating to your My Account page and clicking Customize in the sub-navigation menu.

2. Register your horse(s) with your account on the main site. You can do this easily after you've signed in by clicking "Create a Horse" beneath the "Player's Horses" table on your My Account page. Fill out the required fields and click "Create Horse". At any time, you can edit your horse's information by viewing their profile and clicking "Edit Page." All horses will receive an ID number upon registration. Please Note: Only realistic horses will be accepted at Equus-Sims, no fantasy equines or other animals can be registered.

3. Getting your horse(s) approved by a Breed Association. You may do this by clicking "Breed Registration" in the sub-navigation menu and finding the association under which your horse best fits (ie. Hanoverians would be registered under the Warmblood Association). Before continuing with this step, please ensure you've read all of the Breed Association's Regulations and Breed Standards to ensure your horse is eligible. Once you're on the Breed Association's website, click "Approved Horses" in the sidebar. Here you will see a dropdown menu of the horses on your account. Select the horse you wish to register and provide the necessary image links and information before clicking "Register." Once your horse is approved, it will be assigned a unique registration number! Please Note: Only realistic horses will be accepted at Equus-Sims, no fantasy equines or other animals can be registered.

4. The benefits of having your horse(s) approved by Breed Associations include quality guarantee of the horse's color and conformation, authentication of your horse as a stallion or broodmare, and conversely of your stable as a breeder. Also, some competitions may require for your horse(s) to have a registration number in order to participate.

5. A Reg # will be listed in your horse's information under Player's Horses (My Account page) when it has been successfully approved by the breed association.

VI. Banking

Banking is a unique feature for our community. While the system is essentially optional, it can be a lot of fun and a great way to add realism to your game and your experiences here at Equus-Sims. You can purchase horses and property, or you can go a step further by sending your horses to trainers, vets, and farriers! Businesses can be found in the Yellow Pages of the forum.

1. All members start with an available balance of $25,000.

2. To visit your bank account, simply click your available balance, found on your My Account page.

3. You can send a payment to another member by finding their name in the drop down menu. In the memo field, you can make a note of what they payment is for.

4. Horse credits are implemented from the beginning. When you first go to your My Account page and you choose to [ Create a Horse ] to your page, you will be limited to 10 horses. Don't worry though! There are a variety of creative ways to earn additional horse credits. These are listed with our Active Member Incentives at the forum!

VII. Equine Ownership & Breeding

All horses created or bred as part of the role-play for Equus-Sims MUST be as realistic as possible. While we do have a fantasy section as part of our forum, unicorns and other fantasy creatures cannot be registered or sold on our main site.

1. It is suggested that 4 months = 1 Equus Year real time.

2. Stallions can be bred starting at the age of 3 years. That's 12 months real time.

3. Stallions may have an unlimited amount of foals in their lifetime.

4. Mares can be bred starting at the age of 4 years. That's 16 months real-time.

5. A mare's gestation period is suggested to be roughly equivalent to 9 real-time days.

6. Mares may not compete under saddle in the same real-time month in which they give birth to a foal.

7. A mare may only have one foal per year (4 months real time). Twin foals are very uncommon, but we're not ruling them out either. If you plan for your mare to have twins, she should only be able to have one pair of twins in her lifetime.

8. Mares should not exceed more than 1 foal per year (4 months) up into her twenties, depending on her health.

9. It is suggested that you have a select 1-3 broodmares used for producing foal crops, versus using your performance mares. Once a mare has had her first foal, she should no longer be used for rigorous competing, training, etc.

10. Foals are allowed to age 1 month = 1 Equus year. After 4 months, they will be 4 years old and will begin to follow the 4 months = 1 Equus year schedule.

VIII. Sales (Classifieds)

1. The constant rule between all who sell their horses in our community is that only ONE copy of the horse may be given away. Once the horse is successfully installed in the buyer's game, the seller must remove the horse from their game.

2. It is acceptable to keep a backup somewhere on your computer in case the buyer's game crashes or you need to re-home the horse due to the buyer's inactivity/disappearance.

3. Horses may not be edited after purchase unless approved by the seller.

4. Foals that are born in game MUST be edited to fit realism standards. EA genetics are unreliable and, in most cases, unacceptable for Equus-Sims.

5. The Classifieds can be found on your My Account page. You will see a list of options on the right side beneath your avatar. You can Post an Ad, view Received Applications, and view Submitted Applications (apps you've sent). Please read the instructions for the Classifieds page, found directly under the sub-navigation menu.

6. It's worth noting that you are responsible for the owners you select for your horses that you're selling. It is also your responsibility to collect money for purchased horses.

7. Lastly, if you choose to buy horses off the Classifieds list, rather than using up all of your horse credits, you can purchase as many horses as you like, so long as you have the funds or they're listed at 0$ (and given that you're approved by the seller).

IX. Boarding & Leasing

Boarding and leasing are two very unique and exciting features here at Equus-Sims. Leasing, or putting a horse out on loan to another member, is a great way to divide up the work when you have too many horses for one person to show! Boarding is intended for people who don't have a stable or currently don't have enough space at their own barn, and/or want to compete but have a breeding stable, etc.

1. Leasing a Horse - If you navigate to the profile of the horse you intend to put on loan, you have the option to Edit Page. At the bottom of this page, there are two options: Transfer Horse and Lease a Horse. Under Lease a Horse, there are instructions on how to lease out your horse, and how to take it back.

2. Boarding a Horse - When you want to board a horse at a stable, you actually need to locate that stable's profile on the main site. At the very bottom of the stable's profile, you will see an option to Board a Horse Here. The horse must be uploaded to YOUR profile in order to be visible in the drop-down menu found here. When you've chosen your horse, simply click Board Here. The stable manager will have to accept or decline your request.

3. With the addition of banking to our site, stables may now work up a list of boarding plans, which should include incentives for boarding, costs, boarding options, etc. These will not be displayed on the main site, but on the stable's/member's external site instead, or at our forum in the Yellow Pages.

4. You are responsible for keeping up with who owes you money for boarding or leasing. It is not automated. We suggest you decide whether to charge weekly or monthly, and schedule payment deadlines on the same day of every week or month.

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